Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hello There!

So this is my new blog. I've been brainstorming up a new blog idea for a while; I've wanted something to meld together the personal and lifestyle blog I've had since 2011, and my food blog that I started in 2013. Now that I'm a mother (does that mean I have to grow up now?), my goal of being a happy housewife and my passion for cooking can be combined in one place with my love of just about everything else (shopping, cat lady-ness, travel, wine, etc).

I sort of decided that the Disowned blog was a chapter of my life that I was ready to turn the page on. I mean, it simply doesn't apply anymore. It was based on my vintage clothing shop that no longer exists, and my New York City life which also no longer exists. I've moved on, so my blog(s) have had to as well. And I am so excited about this new one, which I can mold to fit my "new" life from the start!  

I'm just trying to get a grip on this whole "mummy" thing, to get my body back into shape (even though, as I do often remind myself, round is a shape), and keep cooking delicious, healthy family meals on 2-3 hours of sleep. And occasionally doll myself up and go out into the world to do something less boring than the usual nap-eat-nap. So if you want to read about motherhood, food, health, style, and whatever shenanigans I can get up to, please do follow and share. 

My goal is to keep this blog true-to-self: no fluff, no glamour, and to appeal to as many readers as possible. I don't want it to be a blog just for mums; I want it to be for savvy shoppers, healthy eaters, DIY-ers, hobbyists, and everyone in between. I intend to bring a little bit of everything for everyone, based on my day-to-day living, and I really hope I can deliver. Please leave comments, email me post suggestions, even complain! I want this blog to be as enjoyable for you as it is for me to write it, and knowing that my readers are happy gives me the motivation to keep improving.

As for the layout/appearance... well, it's still in the early stages. I will continue to update and improve it as I find the time/energy, but for now, my priority was simply to get it up and running. I love a pretty blog as much as the next person, so this is high on my to-do list for sure. Until then, I've kept it pretty minimalistic and I hope that's OK for now. 

I really and truly hope you enjoy this blog as much as I'm going to!



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