Saturday, February 20, 2016

MM Approved: Nappies, Oaties, Laundry and More

I've decided that my first MM Approved post was flawed; I need to have some sort of a rating system, because I'm not going to love everything that I review. I'm going to work on a 5-star rating system, meaning, I'll give products 1 to 5 stars (5 being best) based on my own review of them. I also decided to do a side-by-side comparison this week, because we bought so many biscuits recently that it's possible. So, without further adeiu, here are this week's reviews:

Lidl - Toujours Nappies 
£2.49 for 44 (size 2)

I was surpremely disappointed with these nappies, especially after I had been so pleased by Aldi's. I guess I just assumed that they would be similar? I don't know. Anyway, they felt stiff and papery, and leaked two nights in a row, just from normal wetness, and don't we all love a 3am full clothing change? Sorry Lidl, these get 1 star and I won't be buying them again. In fact, I didn't even finish the pack we bought - went back to the Aldi ones (which are the same price, in case you were wondering).

Aldi Oaties vs Lidl Oaties
Oaties are totes my fav lately (Did I just say those words? I think I'm having a midlife crisis and trying to "keep up with the young people"). Plus, I've been told that oats are great for breastfeeding, so these Hobnobs knockoffs have been next to me for every cup of tea over the past 6 weeks. Aldi are by far my favorite - more oat-y, slightly salty to balance the sweetness, crispy and fantastic, and are extremely simliar to their branded cousin. Lidl gets points because they have chocolate covered Oaties, but they just don't taste as... oat-y? I can't put my finger on it. I suppose the ones from Lidl seem more like a sugary crispy cookie type biscuit, while the oaties from Aldi are really flavorful and you know you're eating oats. I can go through about a sleeve a day if no one stops me (please don't try to stop me, you might lose some fingers).

Asda Little Angels Washing Powder 
£3 for 30 washes

I'm really pleased with Asda, because they're the only supermarket that makes their own label of 'baby' washing powder. I'm wary of the heavily-scented Persil and Ariel, plus, this has a light smell that just screams "baby" and makes you want to sniff everything. Dermatologically tested, we've had no issues with eczema or rashes from this powder, and it keeps whites super white, even when washed with other (light) colours. This will definitely be my go-to washing powder (or liquid, or gel, which they also make!) for baby clothes.

Waitrose Toilet Roll 
£3.50 for 9 rolls (240 sheets per roll)

Ok, call me crazy, but I'm really picky about toilet paper. Like, really picky. I had one type I liked in the States, and it has taken me about 18 months over here to find one that I liked. Too thin, too rough, too plush (which means you don't get a lot on a roll!), the reasons I have for disliking toilet paper go on and on. In a pinch the other week, Steve had to run to Waitrose, which is our closest supermarket, to pick some up. He came home with the store's own brand - I scowled a bit, and then I totally changed my tune. It's not quilted but it's super soft, it's not thin but you feel like you get a lot on a roll, so it seems like a great value too. Much cheaper than the branded alternatives, and I like it so much more. 5 stars without hesitation. And, I made it through the entire review without making a poop pun. Win.

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