Sunday, April 3, 2016

12 Weeks

I guess you could consider it 3 months, but being the OCD family we are, we count the weeks until it's the exact day of the month (the 9th) when she will actually be 3 months old. We're just... You know... Nuts like that. I'm dreading the day when she's too old to celebrate turning months/weeks old. I know that this phase wears off soon, but I'm digging my heels in. She's too tiny and perfect and I want to watch every week go by in complete awe. 

Yesterday my computer bit the dust. Not in an, it's-slow-and-needs-to-be-repaired kind of way, but in a hard-drive-meltdown kind of way. The kind of meltdown that the Geek Squad would play taps for as they lowered my old laptop into a shallow grave. Today I'm commandeering the hubby's work computer so that I can get a little bit of editing done, but I've just sort of accepted that most of my blogging activity will probably take place on my phone for a while. Thank God for every editing app under the sun, right? But it's also why these photos are grainy and a bit overexposed. See, I'm trying to find a perfect app that you can adjust the exact pixel size of an image without downsampling it. Once I've edited a photo on my phone, it's gone through about 4 apps before it's done, and the quality tends to be compromised. Can't wait until I have my Photoshop up and running again! It's installing on Steve's computer as I write this. 

Yesterday was exciting, though, because Chloe rolled over. Twice! Tummy Time turned into the most thrilling thing that's happened in weeks. I posted a video on Instagram, so head over and follow @munchiemummyd to see it! 

This week is a blur of a growth spurt: when I'm not feeding Chloe, I'm going through her clothes picking out everything she's outgrown already (and sobbing hysterically in the process). I remember time dragging on when I was a kid; why does time fly now that I have one? It's not fair. I feel like I don't have enough time to savour each and every expression and noise she makes before she's on to doing something new. But at the same time, I'm so excited as she starts sitting up and playing with toys. 

12 weeks already feels like a lifetime. 

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  1. Oh god, she really is tiny and perfect, you weren't exaggerating! What a little beauty <3

    Charlotte xx
    Fox Socks