Friday, April 22, 2016

MM Approved: The Baby Event

Bargain time! I just want to remind everyone that I am not an Aldi ambassador or paid advertiser or anything like that; I just genuinely love Aldi, and sharing my shopping bargain tips and whatnot with you. I get really excited (how boring am I?) when I pick up the flyer and see something really fabulous advertised for the next week... like the Baby and Toddler Event! It started yesterday, people, so get yourself down to Aldi. This week I picked up:

This Nuby Baby-Led Feeding Set. All of these dishes, cups, containers, and utensils (and a handy carrying bag) for £4.99! I mean, I saw one bowl with a spoon in Mothercare last week for £5. Just saying.

This not-Bio Oil. I oiled my belly twice a day with coconut oil when I was pregnant, and I was so proud to not have stretch marks. Until three weeks before my due date, that is, when I woke up with a really low belly and the San Andreas fault line under my belly button. For those last few weeks, I dreaded looking in the mirror each day as my "tiger stripes" got bigger and bolder. Sigh. Fingers crossed that this stuff works! At £3.99, I couldn't pass it up.

A highchair! Little miss Chloe is starting to love her rice cereal, and will need a proper highchair for *real* food soon! We've looked around in a lot of stores, and the next best option was a Joie Mimzy Snacker highchair for £40 (and we were about to get it, too!), until we saw this for £18.99. No lie. So, obviously, it's home now.

My mother-in-law picked up an adorable matching crib bedding set with a hanging crib organizer, and a hooded towel with matching wash mit for when we stay at her house. Also, they have adorable super soft popcorn (we all know it's Minky fabric, but we can't call it that) blankets in pretty, bright colors for £3.99 so one of those might find its way into our house - who knows!

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  1. Wow, all this stuff looks great. I am glad that the baby event was such interesting. I wish I could also attend this event. A baby contest is going to be organized at local lofty spaces in LA and I will definitely take my little son to this contest. So excited to be a part of this event!!