Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday 24th April in Photos

The hubs are I are both sort of obsessed with the idea of gardening/farming these days. Saw this book in the café at Country Market and definitely want to get a copy. 
The best "soda" ever. Pressed rhubarb and apple juices with sparkling water. That's all, folks. I will require a case of this stuff when the weather warms up. 
Now that I can have dairy in my diet again, I indulged in a latte and cake today. (Did someone say "cheat day"?
Visited the brother- and sister-in-law today. Auntie Zoe made Chloe a daisy crown! 
Their new kitchen is gorgeous! Steve helped out with some DIY stuff while we girls enjoyed the new room and played with Chloe in the garden. 
Is this the start of a mischievous grin? 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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