Friday, April 8, 2016

Souper Simple: Homemade Soup in Seconds!

Ok so the actual roasting takes time, but this is the most hands-free, flavour packed, healthy meal you can get your hands on. All you need is a good blender!

I grabbed two bell peppers, one red and one yellow (use whichever you like! Except green peppers though. They wouldn't really do well as a soup. I think). I made slices in the side to allow steam to escape and placed them on a baking sheet with two small peeled red onions (use yellow if you want, it doesn't matter), one large peeled parsnip cut into wedges, and half a clove of garlic wrapped in foil (still in the skin and everything). 

Roast your veggies in the oven at 180C (about 375F) until the pepper skins begin to blister and pop. I think it took half an hour, but I had a fussy baby that day so I wasn't really paying attention. 

Turn the oven off, and just leave it in there to cool. I left mine overnight for a quick, healthy lunch the next day, but you could easily take yours out to cool it faster. Cover it with foil if you do, because the peppers and onions will continue to steam/cook a bit. 

Once it was cool, the pepper skins slid off, the garlic cloves slid out when I squeezed the bulb, and everything else just got chucked into the biggest cup size of my Nutribullet.  I filled it up to the fill line with (room temp or cold) veggie stock, but you could just as easily use chicken stock. Then I blended it until smooth (39 seconds or so, don't you love the exact number? Lol) and poured it into a small pot. I thinned it out with a little extra veggie stock, checked the seasoning and decided to add a pinch of black pepper and cumin, and brought it to a simmer over medium low heat. 

Lunch is served! 

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