Saturday, March 5, 2016

8 Weeks

Little miss Chloe is 8 weeks old today, but because I plan on doing a "2 month" post all about her next week, this post is all about little old me. And the photos are just little daily snaps from my phone, so no Pinterest-worthy perfection up in here. I mean, that's just not the reality, is it? But it's still to cute too omit.

"I woke up like this." All of the smiles.
8 weeks of motherhood, and my very first Mother's Day tomorrow. What have I learned? Well, forgiveness, for a start. Forgiving myself for losing my house keys and a binkie cover this week. "Mommy brain" is a real thing, people. Steve has to decipher what I want when I can't think of a word and have to resort to pointing and grunting for communication. Am I losing my mind? Maybe. It's ok though. It's like I'm that kind of nuts that is too far gone to realise it, so I'm fine. It's just the people around me who suffer. 

I've finally gotten into a sort of household routine, which pretty much revolves around a constant supply of dirty laundry. I don't know how one little person can generate so much washing, but alas, this is my life now. I cannot wait until we're out of this flat and I can either have A) a dryer (currently the best we can do is a heated drying rack, which is getting mucho expensive to run 24/7) or B) a home with a garden so I can hang laundry outside. Did I mention that this flat is getting kind of cramped these days? And that's without having an airer set up in the living/dining room all day, errrrrryday. 

Someone wants to go for a ride in the car. 
Doopy (the cat) is such a proud big brother. He loves to watch over Chloe while she sleeps, and he is so gentle and barely bumps her with his nose when he sniffs her, if he touches her at all. Often, if she's laying on her play mat or on our bed, he curls up about a foot away. Just close enough without mummy telling him it's too close. He knows. He's so good with her. I feel like they're going to be bff's someday soon and I'll totally take a back seat. I know how special a kitty can be when you're a little girl, though, so it's a-ok with me. 

Late night YouTube workout time.
In my 6 free minutes each day, I'm doing the very best I can to get some kind of exercise. I am following a few YouTube workout channels and downloaded a couple of apps (everything is semi-Pilates-based, as that is my exercise of choice) and I'm trying a little here and a little there every day. Even if I only get ten reps of a move in, a few times a day, I feel like it's better than nothing. On nice days (when it's not freezing/raining/Narnia outside) I go for a walk with Chloe in the pram, and do a loop from our flat to the centre of town, up the high street, and back around to our flat from the opposite direction. On that route, it's 90% uphill so I get a pretty good leg/bum workout in. I'm happy with my progress, and on the days when I try on pre-pregnancy clothes and they still don't fit, I really have to remind myself that I am 8 weeks into changing something that took 9 months to re-shape. I have a goal in mind: a wedding in May, and I have a specific size of dress I'd like to fit into by then. I don't have a scale, I'm just holding myself accountable each and every day to be the "hot mom" I hope I can be. 

As far as our meals go, Steve and I are both striving for hearty salads and healthier versions of our favourite comfort foods.  I have some epic recipes on the horizon, so stay tuned this week. 

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