Monday, March 21, 2016

Hawaiian Pizza Bowls

Hawaiian pizza is the bomb. Sweet, salty, yummy to the last bite, and it's one of my favorite flavor combinations, hands down. If you want all of the yum factor (and then some) without the guilt/cost/bloat of pizza, this is exactly what you need. Or, maybe you're going to have some leftover ham after your Easter dinner- this recipe is perfect for using it up! It's a quick one-pan meal that you'll even love when it's leftovers itself!

It's sort of a one-pot recipe as well; except it's one-baking-sheet (assuming your ham is already cooked). I put it over basmati rice, but you could use brown rice, quinoa, or even just a bed of spinach. I topped mine with a dollop of fresh spinach pesto, but fresh basil is great on its own! Steve liked his with a bit of barbecue sauce drizzled on top, since that's what he usually puts on Hawaiian pizza.

This recipe can easily be doubled for bigger families, and you can add chunks of pepperoni or olives (don't bake the olives, though!) if that's your jam.

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