Thursday, March 3, 2016

MM Approved: Nursing Covers and Chocolate (The Necessities)

This week totally covers the basics of motherhood: pretty nursing covers and good dark chocolate. Oh, and a bonk-proof phone cover (we hope).

First up, the nursing covers. As a breastfeeding momma, I've wanted one of these discreet little accessories for practical reasons. I briefly considered making one, then decided that I couldn't be bothered, since the only time I would be able to is during Chloe's nap, and the sound of the sewing machine would probably wake her up, so that idea quickly went out of the window. I've seen nursing covers in baby shops for up to £30 (!) so the idea of paying that much for a glorified apron was not going to fly. So I hopped on over to Amazon to have a look on what they had to offer, and ended up ordering two. I thought I'd return one, but as you'll see below, they both have different pro's so I ended up keeping both!

Pink Mum Udder Breastfeeding Cover
This is my favourite of the two covers, because it's large, has a pocket on the front (to pop a binkie, nipple shield, lanolin, my phone, etc into), a toggled back strap to help keep the sides closed for extra modesty, wiring in the top so that it stands out and allows you to look down at baby, and it's just plain pretty with that pink and green paisley print. The fabric is a really nice quality and has a nice handfeel to it and it comes with a little matching bag, so it folds up neat and tidy in my changing bag. The only downside to it, as I mentioned on my Amazon review, is that the fabric doesn't seem to be very breathable so I can imagine it might get hot under there in warm weather. But otherwise, it's brilliant. Click here to buy.

MultiWare Baby Breastfeeding Cover
Even though I only gave this cover 3 stars, I still kept it because it's a really no-fuss product, and you can't beat it for the money. Unlike the other cover I ordered, this is a nice lightweight 100% cotton, but thanks to the dark black print (which is pretty, too!) it's not sheer.  It does lack anything fancy, like wiring or boning in the top, a pocket, or anything more than a neck strap. It's not too long, either, so I imagine it might not completely cover a taller person (luckily, I have a really short torso). But it covers what needs to be covered, and is quicker to throw on than the other one, and is nice and lightweight for use in the summer. Plus, free shipping (in the UK at least). I don't think you can really fault it for the price, so I'm pretty happy with it! You can buy it here.

Shockproof 360° Silicone iPhone 6+ Case

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my old iPhone. I mean, I walked into an Apple store and came face to face with a rose gold iPhone 6 plus, and I lost all self control. The last thing I want is for my pretty new [ridiculously expensive] phone to come to any harm, so I wanted to get a really good case. Save splurging on a bulky waterproof one, I really wanted something that covered both the front and the back of the phone. Amazon turned up no luck, so I moved on over to eBay. I'm always a bit hesitant to use eBay because you can't read reviews on specific items, but since this was only a few quid it turned out ok. I'm really happy with this silicone case - it fits perfectly, and the holes over the speaker/camera/buttons are exactly where they're supposed to be (which is not always the case with cheaper cases from China). I like silicone cases because they're shockproof, and this one covers the front screen as well without inhibiting the touch screen or the fingerprint reader on the home button. It's not thick or bulky, either. I really like it, and if you want one, here's the link.

Moser Roth Mint Dark Chocolate (Aldi)
£1.19 (I think)

I lost my receipt so I'm not positive about the price, but I can promise that it was less than £1.50. I've been having major chocolate cravings lately, and my dairy-free-ness has denied me some of my greatest chocolatey pleasures. This is a great milk-free dark chocolate (did you know that some dark chocolates still have milk in them? because until I started reading labels on everything for dairy, I was not aware!). It's super creamy and mellow, not bitter at all for dark chocolate, and if you have 0 self control, they've portioned it out into 5 mini bars for you (but no one will know if you eat 3 in one sitting). My new favorite chocolate, hands down. 

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